Siddhas, Yogis & Rishis of India

The greatest contribution of India to the world is her material and spiritual science. No civilization, however old it be, has ever attained the level of sophistication, reached by the great ancient Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis of India in material and spiritual science.

What they had was not just intelligence but intuition. They could see, hear or feel beyond the realm of the five senses. They did not need telescopes, microscope or other scientific equipments to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. They only relied on the most powerful instrument in the world the human soul which has it in a latent sense, omniscience and omnipotence.

The earth plane was actually designed as a laboratory for the evolution of souls, so the GOD send us His reprsentatives in the form of Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis to show us the way. This great souls are in every part of the world, but particularly in India and especially in Tamil Nadu, the land of the Mystics.

In India all scientific truths are imbibed in routine life, by explaining them through Puranic Stories. Through tradition or custom, all scientific truths are brought to the stage of implementation in day-to-day life

In this Blog im Decoding the Hindu Sacred Stories, Symbols, Myth, Rituals and Worships for Today`s Modern World Scientifically. Many doubts such as the connection between the Universal Soul, the One God and myriad gods and goddesses, Hindu rituals, practices and their symbolism, the caste system and concepts such as karma, dharma and reincarnation are explained in a simplified and scientific form.

"May Mother Earth and Father Heaven Bless You With Prosperity and Enlightenment"

- Vijayakumar Alagapan

Quotes about India

Some of the following facts were recently published in a German magazine, which deals with WORLD HISTORY FACTS ABOUT INDIA and HINDUISM.

- India invented the Number system 0 to 9.

- The world's first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4 th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

- Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

- Although western media portray modern images of India as poverty striken and underdeveloped through political corruption, India was once the richest empire on earth.

- The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 5000 years ago. The very word "Navigation" is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH.

- The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars have last year (1999) officially published that Budhayana's works dates to the 6th Century which is long before the European mathematicians.

- Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India . Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11 th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 1053.

- USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

- Chess was invented in India .

- Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted surgeries like cesareans, cataract, fractures and urinary stones. Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient India .

- When many cultures in the world were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley ( Indus Valley Civilisation) .

- The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.


We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. - Albert Einstein, 1879–1955 (German scientist and humanist)

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition. - Mark Twain.

The Indian way of life provides the vision of the natural, real way of life. On the face of India are the tender expressions, which carry the Creator’s hand. - George Bernard Shaw, 1856–1950 (Irish author and literary critic)

If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India . - French scholar Romain Rolland.

Tantric Astrology

Tantric Astrology

Most Popular Programme

Most Popular Programme - TANTRIC ASTROLOGY

Tantriga Jyotidam (Tantric Astrology) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics. It is used to identify :- Soul's mission in this life - Spiritual secrets - Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual - your hidden potential - your actual education, career & business path - How to appease Planets - How to get your departed ancestors blessings - Method to remove bad karmic energies that limit your potential - What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues - How to turn your bad vibration or ill luck into positive vibration to attract health, wealth, prosperity - and many more….


The purpose of Astrology and Temple is to fix problems by focusing attention on rituals, worships and remedies. Unfortunately most people dont have such a fortunate life to learn about rituals, worships and remedies or have the grace and faith to believe in them. Remember rituals, worships and remedies in temples particularly in south Indian temples are nothing more or less then a advance technology to connect with divine beings. Divine help is available and we have ways to help you access the divine intervention in your life.

"Know your astrology, rituals, worships, remedies and you begin to control your destiny"

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Yogam (Yoga), Vaithyam (Natural medicine), Jyothidam (Astrology) and Nyanam (Mystical Knowledge) must be master to know GOD'

Education, which cannot give peace to the soul or cannot give the knowledge of the Self and the inner satisfaction, is not education. Education, which cannot wipe the tears of others, known or unknown, is not education. Education is understanding the situation - leading the life that can make the life, the Life Divine, where the ultimate goal of the life is the God-Realisation.


- Animal to Man ( Mooladhara to Anahata )
- Man to Man ( Anahata to Ajna )
- Man to Divine ( Ajna to Sahasrara )

During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Karthigai star, will be in alignment resulting in more of the grace light entering the Earth plane. Thereafter, it is predicted that the Karthigai - Lord Murugan energy will be responsible for the transformation of the planet and of the genetic evolution of the human species into Gods and Goddesses status. This energy will allow humans to return to their original blueprint. The most important thing to remember about these new energies is to stay conscious and match our frequency to receieve it through proper worships, rituals, yoga and mystical knowledge according to great siddha masters.

The Siddhas were scientists, particularly in their investigations into chemistry, astronomy, plants, human anatomy and physiology. They applied their extraordinary powers, developed through intensive yogis practices, to research these areas on atomic and universal levels without the use of sophisticated equipment. In the long linege of Siddhas, one does not know when they came into earth's existance. Whether they still exist or are they Ascended masters teaching humanity the various sciences and philosophy, will perhaps, be never known.

In the teachings of the Siddhas the human body is a temple of God. Man is a miniature representation of Paramatma or Supreme Intelligence. The purpose of life is to realize God.To manifest that realization in all planes of existence.

Using special salts as well as herbal formulae the Siddhas developed the unique science of rejuvenation, known as "kaya kalpa", which allowed them to prolong their lives until the long term effects of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama and similar yogic practices could complete the process of transformation, bringing about physical immortality.

Siddhas followed the ancient Guru- disciple apprenticeship method. They revealed their secrets to those students whom they felt could be trusted not to misuse the science. The science of Kaya kalpa was limited to those great sages. who were prepared for the uplifting of humanity. Ayurveda came much later as discipline.

The Siddhas had vast knowledge of human anatomy. Their single-minded concentration was unique. It was was achieved with perfection. Their literature on medicine was extensive. The Siddhas were a close-knit community and preferred to preserve their knowledge. They reduced this knowledge to codes and symbols and their literature was steeped in mysticism. Only a Siddha can decode the writings of a Siddha. A beginner could not gain any appreciable knowledge without the Siddha accepting him as a student.

Siddhas such as Thirumoolar, Agastyar, Boganathar, and many more had realized their capacity for experiencing and manifesting the Divine. This was not only limited to the spiritual plane of existence. The Cosmic Spirit would descend into the more lower and gross planes of consciousness, the intellectual, mental, and physical bodies. This for us is a limiting thought as our yogic parasites are not as intense as the Siddha. With progressive surrender of their being , their ego and their very lives the Divine would indeed transform them. With intense practices of various Kriyas, hatha and bhakti yoga, meditation, mantras and Kriya Kundalini Pranayama they merged with the Cosmic Spirit . This was race against time as the natural breakdown of cells, catabolism, had to be reversed to anabolism to prolong the extent of their age. They had to complete the Divine transformation. With Kriya Kundalini yoga and using specific herbal and mineral salts they were able to prolong their youth for the Ultimate transformation.

The Universe was created out of a Cosmic Thought . No civilization be it the Inca, Atlantis or Egyptian had such a precise knowledge as the Siddhas. They were proficient in the science of longevity or deathless state, alchemy, medicine and physics.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Significance of Navarathiri, Kundalini and Human Life (Video in Tamil)

Science of Navarathiri : During Navarathiri billions of tons of pranic energy / shakti will be projected into our Earth plane to get infuse into tectonic plates, then later it will bubble out through certain crystaline overlay grid points called vortexes and it is an incredible energy. In ancient time the brilliant Siddha masters has guided the Kings at South India to erect the Goddesses temples like Madurai Meenakshi Amman, Kanchi Kamatchi, etc. on such vortexes so that we can energize ourself by visiting and conducting certain rituals for general well being. If you know how to connect the Goddesses in those temples during Navarathiri or just by being conscious with these phenomenon then you can connect with - Goddess Kali who compresses time, so that manifestations can be instantaneous in your life; Goddess Lakshmi who provides wealth through health; and Goddess Saraswati who grants wisdom for art of living. Chant "Na Ma Shi Va Ya" for 108 times before Sun rise by facing East direction and "Aim Shreem Kleem Hreem" for 108 times during Sun set by facing north direction to attune yourself and access the Navarathiri energies. When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings. Aim(Saraswathi) Shreem(Lakshmi) Kleem(Parvathi) Hreem(Durga) ~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Significance of Navarathiri - October 1st to October 11th, 2016

Navarathiri - The Nine Nights of Goddesses Celebration

During Navathiri the divine nine nights, the supreme female cosmic power or Goddess Shakti is worshiped in her variously manifested forms as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Navrathiri is an occasion to perform and observe the spiritual practices for awakening the Shakti / Energy within you. This year Navarathiri begins from October 1st to October 11th, 2016.
The Sanskrit term 'Shakti' means 'power'. There is a supreme power behind this universe that is expressed in many varied ways. Heat, light, lightning - all these are expressions of just that power. Shakti is the creator of the universe. The universe is her form. She is the foundation of the world and forms of the body. Shakti is the form of all things that live and move in the world. Goddess energy or Shakti is the ever present dynamic force which activates this world. It is immanent in every being and the Universe. Goddesses are revered and celebrated so that they bless us with both material and spiritual abundance.

Science of Navarathiri : Navarathiri begins from 1st October 2016. During Navarathiri billions of tons of pranic energy / shakti will be projected into our Earth plane to get infuse into tectonic plates, then later it will bubble out through certain crystaline overlay grid points called vortexes and it is an incredible energy. In ancient time the brilliant Siddha masters has guided the Kings at South India to erect the Goddesses temples like Madurai Meenakshi Amman, Kanchi Kamatchi, etc. on such vortexes so that we can energize ourself by visiting and conducting certain rituals for general well being. If you know how to connect the Goddesses in those temples during Navarathiri or just by being conscious with these phenomenon then you can connect with - Goddess Kali who compresses time, so that manifestations can be instantaneous in your life; Goddess Lakshmi who provides wealth through health; and Goddess Saraswati who grants wisdom for art of living. Chant "Na Ma Shi Va Ya" for 108 times before Sun rise by facing East direction and "Aim Shreem Kleem Hreem" for 108 times during Sun set by facing north direction to attune yourself and access the Navarathiri energies. When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings. Aim(Saraswathi) Shreem(Lakshmi) Kleem(Parvathi) Hreem(Durga) ~ Vijayakumar

Navarathiri Mythology : The great legend of Navarathiri dates back to the story of Mahishasura, the mighty demon, who worshipped Lord Shiva and obtained invincible powers. Soon, he started killing the innocent lives on earth and set out to win the seven lokams. He acquired the swargalokam. Nobody could save the living creatures from his tyranny.
Even the three mighty gods of the Hindu Trinity -Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva were unable to defeat him. Therefore, all the Gods, including the Hindu Trinity, united their supreme powers and created a divine being called Durga, the Warrior Goddess.

With all the accumulated power and the weapons given by the Gods, Goddess Durga set her trail to defeat Mahishasura. To accomplish the task, she entered a war with him, which extended for nine long days! After fighting hard with him for nine days, Goddess Durga finally killed Mahishasura on the tenth day. Consequently, she lifted the tyranny of the demon off the innocent lives on earth and restored the swargalokam to the devas (Gods). Therefore, Navarathiri is celebrated to commemorate her victory over the demon, which symbolizes the victory of the good over the evil. The Nine Nights of Navarathiri symbolize the nine nights of the war between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura.
Celebrating Navarathiri : The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are two very important junctions of climatic and solar influence. These two periods are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother. The dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar.
On all these 9 days, the various forms of Mother Mahisasura-Mardini (Durga) are worshipped with great fervor and devotion.

First three days
The goddess is invoked as a spiritual force called Durga also known as Kali in order to destroy all our impurities (emotions and thoughts).
Second three days
The Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees inexhaustible wealth, as she is the goddess of wealth (wealth through health).
Final three days 
The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the goddess of wisdom, Saraswathi.

In order to have all round success in life, believers seek the blessings of all three aspects of the divine femininity, hence the nine nights of worship (creativity for the 64 art of living).

In South India, Saraswathi pooja is performed on the 7th day. Eight day is traditionally Durgashtami which is big in Bengal. The 9th day is Ayudha Pooja when everyone gives their tools of the trade — pens, machinery, books, automobiles, school work, etc. a rest and ritually worships them. They start a fresh from the next day, the 10th day which is considered as ‘Vijaya Dashami’. On this tenth day of Navarathiri in October – the holiday of Dussehra or Dasara, an effigy of Ravana is burnt to celebrate the victory of good (Rama) over evil.

During Navarathiri, some devotees of Durga observe a fast and prayers are offered for the protection of health and prosperity. A period of introspection and purification, Navarathiri is traditionally an auspicious and religious time for starting new ventures.

Not many people have the grace to perform true Shakti worship. Shakti has manifested in various forms like Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati and so on. Shakti represents 3 potencies and they are Itcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Jnana Shakti.

Navarathiri is celebrated in a large number of Indian communities. The mother goddess is said to appear in 9 forms, and each one is worshipped for a day. These nine forms signify various traits that the goddess influences us with. The Devi Mahatmya and other texts invoking the Goddess who vanquished demons are cited.

Significance of Navarathiri : The Goddess, who is the invisible divine feminine, lives both in the human male and the female. Within the human body, the Goddess’ energy is called the power (Shakti); she is the power of economy, beauty, luxury, joy, physical strength, fertility, and what not! Everything that is beautiful, everything luxurious, and everything that makes you happy and blissful are provided by the Goddess. But, unfortunately, we have not learnt how we can access this archetypal feminine energy called the Mother Divine, which is within us. You can do so by observing prayers and rituals during Navarathiri nights.

Siddha's Secret techniques : The yogis and tantrics developed secretive methodologies to access the divine feminine both within the body-mind of human men and women. They came up with the sacred diagrams called Yantras and the magical sounds known as Mantras, as tools to bring the Goddesses to the earth plane.


Maha Meru : The Maha Meru is the three dimensional form of the Sri Chakra, the cosmic symbol of the Divine Feminine energy. For anyone who wants to win Mother Divine, even a saint or siddha, has to go through the Maha Meru. You need to be able to access the Maha Meru's energy.  This figure represents all of the secrets and mysteries of the universe. The Meru is the concentrated form of a million Goddesses' energy in one sacred form, which transmits energies for prosperity and good fortune.  Maha meru not only blesses you with wealth but also energizes you to get rid of all the misfortunes and obstacles in your life. The Meru's secrets are mostly hidden even to the ardent of students. You may learn the secrets from your Guru. 

( The renowned American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Chakra the 'king of power diagrams' and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction. This means that a three centimetre Sri Chakra possesses a greater energetic effect than a two meterpyramid. The Sri Chakra's extraordinary energetic power depends upon its exact geometry. This complex geometry is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications. )


Mantras to invoke Shakti : When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings. Thus we can balance the energies and also increase the level of a certain type of energy, which promote certain actions and events. "Hmmm / Om Aim Kleem Shreem Hreem Namaha" or Aim Shreem Kleem are the mantras which can attract Goddesses energy for our all round success in our material  life.

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Donate Food in Plenty for Needy People during Mahalaya Paksha

Donate Food in Plenty for Needy People during Mahalaya from 17th Sept - 30th September and Receive Immeasurable Blessings from Your Departed Ancestors

The fifteen days after the Full Moon (Krishna Paksha) in the lunar month Purattasi (Mid September - Mid Oktober) is known as Mahalaya Paksha. All our departed ancestors come and stay on the earth plane for 15 days in a year and annual rites for the deceased is performed during these days, either on the Tithi (day corresponding to the death) of the parents or on the Mahalaya Amavasai day (New Moon Day),. This practice is prevalent among all Hindus, all over the world.

It is generally believed that performing rituals for departed ancestors during this period, can even subtitute the annual ritual performance, on exact death day. During this forthnight, no auspicious function should be performed, since pitrus are invoked during this time.

Put some efforts to find and donate your food to needy people and not in temples. You cant find people who are needy for food in Malaysia and Singapore in temples.

Benefits of Specific Moon Phase Tarpanams :

1st Moon - Bestows Wealth
2nd Moon - Bestows Progeny
3rd Moon - Bestows Business Prosperity
4th Moon - Overpowering enemies
5th Moon - Bestows All Prosperity
6th Moon - Bestows Fame
7th Moon - Bestows Divine Strength
8th Moon - Bestows Intelligence
9th Moon - Gains from Women
10th Moon - Bestows Success in Undertakings
11th Moon - Prosperity of Children and Intelligence to your Children
12th Moon - For Progeny and Gains through Education
13th and 14th Moon - Blessed with many Vehicles and Renders Peace and Longevity
Ammavasai / New Moon - If you miss any of the above days, New Moon is mandatory.

Even great Siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasisthar, Avatars like Krishna and Rama, when they lived on the earth plane appreciated their ancestors through rituals called Tarpanam.

May Your Departed Ancestors Bless You and Your Family

Receive Your Ancestral Blessing during Mahalaya Paksha 17th Sept - 30th Sept 2016

The secret of overcoming your problems!

According to Siddhas (South Indian Mystics) another main reason for all of our everyday problems besides planets is the departed spirits of our ancestors. Our role is that we should constantly connect to the departed ancestors to live a peaceful life.

Our departed forefathers / ancestors cannot come to this world whenever they think, except on Amavasai ( New Moon ), the starting day of every month and during Malaya Paksha. So they all come in sookshma (means not visible to naked eyes) dehas and if we offer them the sesame (gingili) and water they accept that, and bless us directly.

Only once in a year a great celebration takes place in the Pitra loka (ancestral world) and only for 2 weeks. It is called the “Mahalaya Amavasai/ Fortnight”. This year it commences on the 17th of September 2016, right after the full moon day and ends on the Mahalaya New Moon day, which is on the 30th of September 2016. This two week’s period is the most important period to appreciate your departed ancestors.

Your ancestors exist in another dimension called Pitru lokam (world of ancestors), and for them to move on to a better plane they need your help. Departed spirits look to their living descendants for offerings especially on Amavasai (New Moon) days

A Special Time for the Ancestors
The Siddhas says, important rites for the ancestors should be performed through out the year. These should occur on the anniversary of the day of death, during new moon (Amavasai), period of mahalaya paksha and other special days for tarpanam ritual (96 days).

Mahalaya paksha is considered the most auspicious time for ancestors ritual.
Our ancient Siddhas understood that honoring ancestors through tarpanam ritual keeps us living with good health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment.

Offerings made during mahalaya paksha are said to reach the ancestors directly due to a special boon granted to humanity by Lord Yama, the cosmic purveyor of death. The origin of mahalaya paksha can traced back to the story of Karna, the renowned hero of the Mahabharata who, when he ascended to the celestial world after death, was rewarded with gold and silver for his many charitable deeds performed on earth, but was not offered food. Much to his embarassment, he was made to understand that, while on Earth, he had not performed any offerings of food to anyone. Dismayed by this revelation, he prayed to Lord Yama that he might return to Earth to recompense for this neglect.

Lord Yama did indeed allow him to return to Earth, but only for fourteen days. During that short period, which has come to be known as mahalaya paksha, Karna nourished the brahmins and the poor with a great abundance of food. As a result of this penance, Lord Yama granted certain boons to all humanity. By Yama's decree, all souls who encountered a premature or unnatural death would benefit from all mahalaya paksha rites. 

Image Detail

To attain incredible blessings you can perform Tarpanam (offerings) in Sivan temples or at home by yourself during any of these fourteen days, depending on the area that you perceive is the weakest for you. For instance, if your finances are not in good shape, then performing Tarpan on the first day of the Mahalaya Fortnight will bring you special blessings. For the best results, you could perform Tarpanam on all the 14 days, to ensure that you get a facelift to all the aspects of your life! You can also throughout the 14 days of the Mahalaya Paksha, give food, clothes, shoes, sandals and to the poor and the disadvantaged.  Fasting during the new moon day also will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

For peaceful and successful life your departed ancestors must be worshipped and remembered by performing Pitru Puja or honouring of the past souls during the time of Pitru paksha ( much like the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival and American Halloween Festival )

 (to perform the daily and monthly secret tantric tarpanam ritual by yourself you can learn in our Tantric Astrology Consultation - for appointment call 012-910 7301)

Significance of the 15 day ritual: 
The Maha Ancestral ritual spans for 15 days starting from the 1st Moon day till the New Moon day, and each day is ruled by a particular Thithi/ Moon Phase.

Moon Phase or Thithi
Benefits of Specific Moon Phase Tarpanams

1st Moon    - Attain Wealth
2nd Moon   - Get blessed with progeny
3rd Moon   - Bestow with Business prosperity
4th Moon   - Overpower your enemies
5th Moon   - Bestow with all prosperity
6th Moon   - Get Fame
7th Moon   - Bestow with divine strength
8th Moon   - Bestow with Intelligence
9th Moon   - Gain from women
10th Moon - Bestow with Success in all undertakings
11th Moon - Attain prosperity for children and get blessed with intelligent children
12th Moon - Get blessed with more progeny and gain through education too
13th and 14th Moon - Get blessed with many vehicles and render Peace and longevity
15th New Moon day - If you miss any of the above days, New Moon day is the only solution and mandatory too. Get benefitted by performing Tarpan for those who died due to weapons or accidents!  We pray to the known and unknown souls that have departed during the last 30 years are treated equal to God!



Tharpanam is done only for departed beings, that is, those who have passed on. Tharpanam is not done for those who are alive.
If you don't know the name of an ancestor, that is fine. Just state the relationship alone and offer tharpanam for that ancestor.

Can one do tharpanam for more than 12 departed ancestors?
The answer is yes. But that is a more advanced procedure.

When to do Tharpanam?
Tharpanam should be done at sunrise. There is a tradition that says that tharpanam should be done at noon. If this is your tradition, please do follow that.

Where to do Tharpanam?
You can do tharpanam right in the comfort of your home.
But it is that much more effective to do it in temples and on the banks of sacred rivers.
If you can do tharpanam in the Pitru Moksha temples and sacred spots, that would be the best.(Rameswaram Temple is one of the most powerful spot for tarpanam ritual)

Image Detail

If your ancestors are not resting peacefully, then they can cause much disruption and hardship in your life.

(to perform the daily and monthly secret tantric tarpanam ritual by yourself you can learn in our Tantric Astrology Consultation - for appointment call 012-910 7301) click below

Can the son do tharpanam if the father is alive?
The most serious misconception regarding tharpanam is the idea that if the father is alive, the son should not do tharpanam. The son has a pitru debt just as the father does. So it is important to shed this misconception rightaway. The father can do pitru tharpanam and so can the son and the son's son. In fact, if all three do it together, the pitrus will be very pleased!

Can women do tharpanam?
Women can do pitru tharpanam just as well as men. Think of this key point: If there are no sons in a family, does that mean the ancestors should be starved of tharpanam? The answer is NO. The daughters can certainly do tharpanam. Preferably women should use white sesame seeds in their tharpanam.

Tantric Astrology


1. Pithru Tharpanamis done only for departed beings, that is, those who are dead. Pithru Tharpanam is not 
done for those who are alive.

2. If you don't know the name of an ancestor, that is fine. Just state the relationship alone and offer 
Tharpanam for that ancestor.

3. If you know the gotra lineage of a person, say it just before you mention the relationship, e.g., Sri Vatsa 
Gotra great grandfather Muruga or Vadhoola Gotra friend Suresh in the examples above. If you do not 
know the gotra of the person or you do not know what gotra is, just ignore this step.

4. For those who wear the sacred thread, change it to your right shoulder at the beginning of the Pithru
Tharpanam ceremony and back to the left shoulder at the end of the ceremony. There are special mantras for this step. If you don't wear the sacred thread, ignore this step.

5. Can also do Pitra Tharpanam for more than 12 departed ancestors.

6. There are special mantras for each specific ancestor. These special mantras will have their special effect 
for sure.

7. The Pithru Tharpanam has to be done at the Sunrise; some people follow the procedure of doing this 
around noon.

8. The Pitra Tharpanams could be done in the comfort of your house. It is very wonderful to do in the designated temples or on the banks of sacred rivers. It gives very good results, if it is done at Pithru Moksha 
temples or sacred spots.

9. Pithru Tharpanam or Pitra Tharpanam can be performed by the following peoples. Elder Son/ other Son/ Wife/ Daughter/ Second wife/ Son or daughter of the Second wife/ Son or boy born out of wedlock.

Do's and Dont's while doing Pithru Tharpanam:

1. Never do this Pithru Tharpanam without taking head bath and your body & mind should be clean and calm.

2. Must do this Pithru Tharpanam on empty stomach (no coffee/water too)

3. Never eat Non Vegetarian foods on the day that you do this ritual.

4. It is highly sinful to offer Non Vegetarian foods / alcohol to the departed souls.

5. It is highly damaging to mix sesame seeds with any non vegetarian foods.

6. Should not take bath (for the whole day) after completing Pithru Tharpanam / Pujas.

7. It is always good to offer foods to those who are in really need of it.

8. Never do Pithru Tharpanam on your Jenma Nakshatras.

9. It is good to visit temples after completing the Pithru Tharpanam. 

The Process of Rebirth and The Cycle of Birth and Death
The ancestors must always be worshipped first…Hell and Heaven is right here among the species…we all must account for our actions-if you bark at people you will become a dog in the next life or gossip a lot will become a frog…when these ancestors are caught up in the lower levels of life then the cycle of birth and death ceased, and women in the family are unable to give birth to babies…causing extinction of the family.


To perform advance rituals by yourself to get your ancestors blessing for successful and peacefull life you can learn the secret techniques in our Tantric Astrology Consultation
- for appointment call 012-910 7301

May Your Ancestors Bless You with Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Enlightenment

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Mystical Secret of Puratassi Saturdays Fasting ~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Puratassi is one of the month like Aadi, while Aadi month is for Amman and Puratassi month is for Vishnu. It starts in mid September and ends in mid October. Purattasi masam 2016 starts on September 17 and ends on October 16 as per traditional Tamil calendar. Purattasi Sani, Saturdays in Puratassi month, are most auspicious days during which Puratassi Sani fasting is observed. 

Every year during Puratassi month our Earth plane will be closer and exposed to Lord Vishnu's cosmic vibration since our Sun will be in Kanni / Virgo house during this period ( Vishnu is the Lord of the House Kanni in astrology ). If you want to access to these energies then you need to tune your frequency to match His vibration.  How to tune in to His vibration ? You just need to close your eyes and put your right palm on your heart and recite Hmmm/Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha for 18 / 36 / 54 / 108 times after cold bath before Sun rise and by observing normal / vege fasting especially on Saturdays. Fasting will enable to open your energy passages on your body so that the energies that bombarding on Earth plane can enter our body and energize us both spiritually and physically.  Mantras can create frequency and frequency will create wave length to connect celestial planes. You may also can planting thulasi plants around your house as many as you can and create a relationship with this plant by touching and watering them every day. Thulasi plants is like an antenna directly connecting to Lord Vishnu's world. By accessing to His energy during Puratassi month one can be healthy, weathy and enjoy all worldly pleasures in life. 

Hmmm Namo Narayanaya Namaha.

Puratassi Vratham/Fasting
Puratassi vratham is observed by Devotees of Lord Vishnu. Some people observe partial fasting on all days in Puratassi others limit it to Puratassi Saturdays. A few observe strict fast on Saturdays which involves not even drinking a drop of water is called Nirjala Vratham. Some devotees only eat vegetarian food during the entire month. 
If one decide to worship Vishnu then he should quit smoking 

Kundalini Awakening : Uncoiling the Serpent

In Siddha tradition, kundalini is conceived of as the primal power or energy. The awakening of kundalini is the prime purpose of human incarnation. Most commonly, kundalini is illustrated as a sleeping snake coiled three and a half times. Kundalini resides in mooladhara in the form of a coiled snake and when the snake awakens it uncoils and shoots up through sushumna (the psychic passage in the centre of the spinal cord).

With the awakening of kundalini, a transformation takes place in life. When kundalini wakes up, your mind changes and your priorities and attachments also change. There is even the possibility of restructuring the entire physical body.
When kundalini awakens, the shaktis wakes up, the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation also starts. The voice changes, the smell of body changes and the hormonal secretion also change.
Once you can tame the uncoiled serpent, every cell of the body is charged with high voltage prana of kundalini. Now you are compensating for the laws of nature and speeding up the pace of your physical, mental and spiritual evolution.

In every human being there is a divine energy called the kundalini.

What will happen when your Kundalini is awakened? You will feel:
  • Ecstasy and bliss
  • Heightened awareness
  • Oneness with universal consciousness
  • Knowledge of self and all there is
  • Feeling of effortlessness
  • Greater sensitivity to your environment
  • Superhuman strength and abilities
  • Psychic abilities
  • Charisma and leadership
  • Profound peace
  • Enhanced sensory perception
Anyone can awaken their Kundalini energy. However, Kundalini meditation is best practiced under the guidance of a spiritual teacher who can activate and teach the individual to control the energy (taming the serpent). Kundalini energy must be awakened slowly. Energy can have positive or negative consequences, which is why this type of meditation is best done under strict guidance.

Kundalini Activation / Initiation - Dikshai

In siddha tradition Guru is one who has traveled path of Siddha yoga and further he has been bestowed the authority and ability to awaken the kundalini of other beings by dikshai. Siddha Guru primarily can initiates you in three ways, through a look (nyana dikshai), through a word(mantra) or through touch.

There are primarily two ways one can awaken their kundaini :
1. Spiritiual practice or
2. Spiritual transfer of energy (Energy infusion by the Guru)

One can meditate long, hard hours, months and years trying to reach deeper levels "within" and do hatha to awaken the kundalini or one can find a Siddha tradition guru who can do Spiritual transfer of energy (kundalini awakening).

Once kundalini is awakened the seeker is expected to do consistent efforts to derive the basic benefits of the siddha yoga like self realization.

Dikshai is the most effortless and blissful way to raise our spiritual frequency. A moment’s dikshai received in a mode of intense surrender can bring about more irreversible transformation in your life than years of meditation and spiritual practice.

The Importance of Guru in Kundalini Activation

The importance of a Guru cannot be overemphasized on the spiritual journey. First, because it is extremely rare for an aspirant to be able to awaken kundalini on their own (self-awakening), and second, because after the kundalini awakening, various cleansing processes occur (kriyas and divine experiences) where the moderation of the kundalini effect by the Guru is very important. In absence of a Guru, the awakening of kundalini and the kriya events can be dramatica and sometimes damaging in cases  where the recipients spiritual (or  physical) body is not effectively ready for the stage.

Do not believe in self-proclaimed Gurus that claim to awaken kundalini of others at price or the kundalini masters that offer paid shakti dikshai awakenings and enlightenment in days. In Siddha tradition kundalini initiation will be done without taking payments. One can only allowed to do service for the Guru in return not payment.

Knowing The Secrets of Your Birth - Tantric Astrology

None of us begins life knowing who we are or why we're the way we are. We have to search deeply for that knowledge.


These are not ordinary questions, and they are not answered by finding the right book or articles on websites. These are cries from the depth of your being, calling you to discover your true self, who longs to be embraced without hesitation or fear. Tantric Astrology reading hold the imprint of that true self. Don waste your time underestimating yourself. Use your spirit's infinite intelligence to express the true reason you were born.

Tantra ( Tantric )
The word "tantra" is derived from the combination of two words "tatva" and "mantra". "Tatva" means the science of cosmic principles, while "mantra" refers to the science of mystic sound vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread. The main deities worshipped are Shiva and Shakti. The most vigorous aspects of ancient wisdom tradition evolved as an esoteric system of knowledge are in the Tantras.

Astrology, primarily known as a branch of study of the mechanics of the movement patterns and designs of the celestial bodies and especially the composition and contents of the Cosmos, in the ancient times, has later developed into a very popular branch of a serious study of the influence of these celestial bodies on the earth, its inhabitants and evironments.

Tantric Astrology
Tantric Astrology ( Tantriga Jyotidam ) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics.Tantric Astrology Reading hold the secrets of your birth. It can Unlock The Secrets to Your Soul, Discover Who You Are, Why You Are Here And Why You are Facing Obstacles in Your Life? The Tantric Astrology Reading can Help Us in Our Well Being as Well as Help Us Achieve Our Full Potential. It Helps You Gain An Insight Into All of Creation. It Reconnects You Back To Source / God / Creator . ... GET A READING DONE NOW !

Here are the main topics covered during the consultation:

- Ways to Attract Planets Positive Energy
The planets are not just physical masses of matter floating on the space. They are tremendously powerful astral energies or psychic forces, which affect us in our astral body, the subtle energy and psychic field surrounding and inter-penetrating our physical body.-

-Ways to Attain departed Ancestor's blessings
At the deeper methaphysical level, there are only two reasons for all of our problem:
~ 1st is Planetary influences
~ 2nd is Departed spirits influences
The yogis and siddhas of India paid equal attention to the bodily existence, while one is alive and also the disembodied existence after one dies. Accordiing to them our dead ancestors are also governing our destiny besides the planets. There are few solutions to overcome problems in our life, be it financial, relationship, health and etc. One of the most important solutions is by practicing rituals for our ancestors. Miracles take place after the rituals are done. Therefore, through this system you will learn the secrets how to appease your dead ancestors to get their blessings for greater health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment.

Astrology is not a final prediction, astrology only shows the potentials and the energies that influence. Knowing these energies is help full if you want to know the self and be part of the 5% humanity who make it happen materially or spiritually !

-Secret Method of Karma Removal
The ultimate purpose of our human life is God realization. Siddha's principle tell you that you can get to your life purpose only when your karma has been wiped clean. When that happens an intense flowering happens, and both the material and spiritual worlds open up for you. You have a choice then on the abundance that you are presented with.Whether you take the spiritual or material route, one thing is certain: you have to completely eliminate your karma to even to get there.

-Sound Wave of your name can balance your energy
In the Ramayana, after redeeming Sita from Ravana, Rama was returning in the "Pushpa Vimana" with her, Lakshmana and Hanuman. Sita asked Rama that she wanted to see the stones which had bridged the sea to Lanka. She had heard that they had floated as the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name.

Immediately, the "Pushpa Vimana" was put down in that place. Rama picked up a rock and threw it into the sea. But rock which had floated when the Vanaras had chanted Rama's name, now sank even though it was thrown by Rama himself this time. Everyone was surprised. Hanuman explained that they had written Rama's name 'Sri Ram' on the stones before throwing. That was only they had floated. If Rama were to do the same, he could made them float too. It happened as he had said it would.

All can be changed with sound. All the world is made of sound (Nada Brahmam). The Most important sound in your life is your name. In this reading you will be also given a personalised mantra that is constructed using your own name and predominant chakra. Your name is by itself a mantra and your destiny is coupled to it. What a coincidence, it is not by accidents that your parents named you as they did.

You are the giant magnet that can attract positive and negative energy. Regular chanting of thesemantrawould energize your body with positive energy and turn your auric field into negative energy so that your auric field will work as a shield of your body to attract positive things and repel negative things in your daily life. This technique is the greatest secret gift given by our mystics to us for a successfull life with greater health, wealth, prosperity and enlightenment

other important topics :
- Pre-dominant chakras
- Education / career / business path
- Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual
- Soul's mission in this life
- Spiritual secrets
- Potential illness and appropriate remedies
- Natural diet and yoga exercises suitable for the individual
- What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues.
- Secret Mantras and rituals to remove bad karmas from millions of your previous births
- Secret Tantric Ritual to appease your dead ancestor`s for greater health, wealth, prosperity & enlightenment
- Secret science of the Planets and way to get their blessing
and many more......

- 120 to 180 minutes per session ( in Tamil / English )
- place @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- only 1 or 2 consultations are scheduled on each day
- price p/consultation :- RM 240 for Malaysia & USD 150 for overseas

NOTE: Only serious knowledge seekers are welcome

Astrology, Worship and Remedies
The purpose of Astrology and Temple is to fix problems by focusing attention on worships and remedies. Unfortunately most people dont have such a fortunate life to learn about worships and remedies or have the grace and faith to believe in them. Remember rituals, worships and remedies of temples particularly in south Indian temples are nothing more or less then a advance technology to connect with divine beings. Divine help is available and we have ways to help you access divine intervention in your problems.

For appointments call :

Marketing Tantric Astrology
The reason there is no pressure to market this Tantric Astrology science is because this divine science actually find their way to Mankind on their own once people see them and read the knowledge that sparks connection and memory with people who are waking up world wide as we accelerate to the Golden Age (Satya yugam) - Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lord Ganesha's Birthday ~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Baby Ganesha - Reprint on Paper
Lord Ganesha the presiding deity of the Planet Ketu & Muladhara Chakra

Ganesha's Birthday falls on Monday 5th Sept 2016. Birthday of the Gods and Goddesses are important as the stars resided by the particular deity is close to the Earth plane on that day and it provides you with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the deity. Worshiping Ganesha on his birthday will give you mental strength and bring in prosperity.

Ganesha worship is one of the oldest form of practice in Hinduism and the most popular deity in India. He has been prayed to, worshiped and adored in one form or another since time began; and time itself began with His creation.  He, above all others, is the God, the great Mahadeva, to be invoked before every act and especially worshiped and prayed to when changes occur in our lives as we move from the old established patterns into new ones. Lord Ganesha is always there to steady our minds and open the proper doors as we evolve and progress. He never, ever fails. He is always there for us when we need Him.  His birthday is on Thursday ~ 17th September 2015.

Ganesha represents the wisdom tradition. He doesn’t care about logical understanding. He is associated with buthi, highest form of intelligence. There is a story how he enter a competition with his brother Muruga. Both of them try to go around the universe. Muruga wanted to do it in the harder way going around the universe with his vehicle the peacock. But Ganesha just go around Shiva and Parvathi and profound to asked very quikly. He represent a short cut by doing something very small but gaining tremendous amount of result.

He is revered with the title Aadhi Moola Kadavul, means “The God of the Beginning”. Fitted with an elephant head and a human body, this God uses the mouse as his vehicle to move around. Toppukaranam (squatting and standing up exercise) is known to make him happy. He is placed at the right in a Shiva temple to symbolize that he is our right brain (memory/emotional brain) ruler.

He is prayed specially before the beginning of all actions including any new rituals and prayer services. He represents the Pranava Manthra "OM" and is called "Pranava Swaroopa." There are several days in the month according to the Phase of the moon or star position which are important for each of the Deity we worship. The Fourth day after New Moon every month [Sukla paksham] - Chathurthi is very important for Ganesha. The Fourth day after the Full moon day [Krishna paksham] is called Sankatahara Chathurthi day and is auspicious for special pooja and Havan [Homam] for Ganesha. The Sukla Chathurthi day of the Tamil month Aavani is celebrated as Ganesha Chathurthi day.

Ganapathy Thaalam ~ Raaga Gambeera Naatai ~ Sura Sura Ganapathy

- Lord Ganesha is closely associated with Ketu and is the planetary Overlord of Ketu. 
- Lord Ganesha when prayed to also gives the Moksham (enlightenment) and obtains all the above through Ketu. 
- In Tantric Astrology when Ketu occupy in your 12th house, then it considered this is your last birth. 
- In Ganesha's right hand He will hold ankusham (Axe) to cut the rope of rebirth that He hold in His left hand. 
- So Lord Ganesha is Moksham giver God who can liberate you from Human Kingdom to Angelic Kingdom (Deva Logam).

Adhi Ganapathi ~ Human Face Ganesha

Vinayaka, Vi-nayaka, the one born without a husband. And she loves him. 
He is the lord of the Muladhara Chakra, the base chakra, the guardian who will leads us on that occult journey called Tantra, that reveals the mysteries of the Goddess.

Lord Ganesha can comprehend the language of sound which we speak. He is the deity who converts the language of sound into that of light. Most of the other deities can understand only the language of light.

Vinayakee ~ Feminine Ganesha

In art, when Shiva is half a woman, the Goddess makes up the left half of his form while he retains the right half. On the left is the heart, of intuition, of feeling. The right side, the opposite side, is the side of the head, of the thinking, of intellect and of the soul. When Ganesha’s trunk points to his heart, he is closer to his mother, the sensual Goddess, who embraces material reality. But when it points to the right, he is closer to his father, the intellectual mendicant who wants to shut his eyes to the world. Ganesha’s image with trunk pointing to his heart is popular in households because it shows a Ganesha comfortable with the world of matter, senses and emotions. Ganesha with his trunk curled to his right, is more ascetic in nature, hence not kept inside homes, and preferably enshrined in temples. 

Ganesha and the Mouse
The mouse (Mushika or Akhu) represents the ego, the mind with all of its desires, and the pride of the individual. Ganesha, riding atop the mouse, becomes the master (and not the slave) of these tendencies, indicating the power that the intellect and the discriminative faculties have over the mind. Moreover, the mouse (extremely voracious by nature) is often depicted next to a plate of sweets with his eyes turned toward Ganesha while he tightly holds on to a morsel of food between his paws, as if expecting an order from Ganesha. This represents the mind which has been completely subordinated to the superior faculty of the intellect, the mind under strict supervision, which fixes Ganesha and does not approach the food unless it has permission.

Image Detail

The Wisdom of Ganesh
Shiva and Parvati used to play with two sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya.
The gods had given them a marvelous fruit. Each boy wanted to get it for him alone.
Their parents explained them that the nectar of the Supreme Knowledge and of Immortality was hidden in that fruit. To get the fruit, both had to compete. The winner should run three times around the world and come back first. Kartikeya left at once. Riding his peacock, he flew in the sky, stopping at every sacred place on his way, praying and worshipping the gods. Ganesh was fully aware of his stout body; it slackened off him badly. The rat, his vehicle, was rather slow and would not be able to beat Kartikeya. But his wisdom suggested him the right solution. He turned round his parents, Shiva and Parvati, showing a deep devotion. When they asked him why he did not start his journey around the world, he replied :
"My parents Shiva and Shakti are the Whole Universe. In Them is located the World. He do not need to go further". Of course, he won the contest, ... and the fruit.
This legend emphasizes the importance of cleverness; Ganesh is a strong symbol of this quality which is always the best against force, speed or physical strength.

Lord Ganesha contain powerful, elementary energies from the earliest time of creation. If one knows how to invoke Ganesha it will be beneficial energy to help you make the 'impossible' possible. This will give you the power to attract successes in all that you do. Chant "Hmmm / Om Lam Lambodharaaya Namaha" everyday one hour before Sun rise (after cold shower) by focusing on Mooladhara Chakra, it awakens your Kundalini Shakti. You may start this practice from Lord Ganesha's birthday onwards. Chant 108 times loudly for 48 days then reduce your chanting to 18 times after 48 days onwards but this time you should chant mentally. By awakening Mooladhara chakra one can remove blocks in every area of life: making money, health, especially relationships and etc. with the blessings of Lord Ganesha the over Lord of the Mooladhara chakra.

When we activate the energy of the Soul by chanting this mantra, Lord Ganesha will bless us with the kind of knowledge that will completely remove our tendency to be reborn. In this lifetime we are all fortunate enough to be born as human beings, but none of us can be sure of this good fortune in our future lives. Who knows which body our Soul may inhabit then – it could even be the body of an animal or insect. This will be decided by the kind of karma we generate through our thoughts, words and actions. However, if we awaken the energy of our Soul, we will only transmigrate from a human body to a divine body and we will unite with God. This is the science of the Soul and the essence of life.

Tantric Astrology - Know yourself and control your destiny