Siddhas, Yogis & Rishis of India

The greatest contribution of India to the world is her material and spiritual science. No civilization, however old it be, has ever attained the level of sophistication, reached by the great ancient Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis of India in material and spiritual science.

What they had was not just intelligence but intuition. They could see, hear or feel beyond the realm of the five senses. They did not need telescopes, microscope or other scientific equipments to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. They only relied on the most powerful instrument in the world the human soul which has it in a latent sense, omniscience and omnipotence.

The earth plane was actually designed as a laboratory for the evolution of souls, so the GOD send us His reprsentatives in the form of Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis to show us the way. This great souls are in every part of the world, but particularly in India and especially in Tamil Nadu, the land of the Mystics.

In India all scientific truths are imbibed in routine life, by explaining them through Puranic Stories. Through tradition or custom, all scientific truths are brought to the stage of implementation in day-to-day life

In this Blog im Decoding the Hindu Sacred Stories, Symbols, Myth, Rituals and Worships for Today`s Modern World Scientifically. Many doubts such as the connection between the Universal Soul, the One God and myriad gods and goddesses, Hindu rituals, practices and their symbolism, the caste system and concepts such as karma, dharma and reincarnation are explained in a simplified and scientific form.

"May Mother Earth and Father Heaven Bless You With Prosperity and Enlightenment"

- Vijayakumar Alagapan

Quotes about India

Some of the following facts were recently published in a German magazine, which deals with WORLD HISTORY FACTS ABOUT INDIA and HINDUISM.

- India invented the Number system 0 to 9.

- The world's first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4 th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

- Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

- Although western media portray modern images of India as poverty striken and underdeveloped through political corruption, India was once the richest empire on earth.

- The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 5000 years ago. The very word "Navigation" is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH.

- The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars have last year (1999) officially published that Budhayana's works dates to the 6th Century which is long before the European mathematicians.

- Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India . Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11 th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 1053.

- USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

- Chess was invented in India .

- Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted surgeries like cesareans, cataract, fractures and urinary stones. Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient India .

- When many cultures in the world were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley ( Indus Valley Civilisation) .

- The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.


We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. - Albert Einstein, 1879–1955 (German scientist and humanist)

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition. - Mark Twain.

The Indian way of life provides the vision of the natural, real way of life. On the face of India are the tender expressions, which carry the Creator’s hand. - George Bernard Shaw, 1856–1950 (Irish author and literary critic)

If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India . - French scholar Romain Rolland.

Tantric Astrology

Tantric Astrology

Most Popular Programme

Most Popular Programme - TANTRIC ASTROLOGY

Tantriga Jyotidam (Tantric Astrology) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics. It is used to identify :- Soul's mission in this life - Spiritual secrets - Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual - your hidden potential - your actual education, career & business path - How to appease Planets - How to get your departed ancestors blessings - Method to remove bad karmic energies that limit your potential - What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues - How to turn your bad vibration or ill luck into positive vibration to attract health, wealth, prosperity - and many more….


The purpose of Astrology and Temple is to fix problems by focusing attention on rituals, worships and remedies. Unfortunately most people dont have such a fortunate life to learn about rituals, worships and remedies or have the grace and faith to believe in them. Remember rituals, worships and remedies in temples particularly in south Indian temples are nothing more or less then a advance technology to connect with divine beings. Divine help is available and we have ways to help you access the divine intervention in your life.

"Know your astrology, rituals, worships, remedies and you begin to control your destiny"

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Yogam (Yoga), Vaithyam (Natural medicine), Jyothidam (Astrology) and Nyanam (Mystical Knowledge) must be master to know GOD'

Education, which cannot give peace to the soul or cannot give the knowledge of the Self and the inner satisfaction, is not education. Education, which cannot wipe the tears of others, known or unknown, is not education. Education is understanding the situation - leading the life that can make the life, the Life Divine, where the ultimate goal of the life is the God-Realisation.


- Animal to Man ( Mooladhara to Anahata )
- Man to Man ( Anahata to Ajna )
- Man to Divine ( Ajna to Sahasrara )

During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Karthigai star, will be in alignment resulting in more of the grace light entering the Earth plane. Thereafter, it is predicted that the Karthigai - Lord Murugan energy will be responsible for the transformation of the planet and of the genetic evolution of the human species into Gods and Goddesses status. This energy will allow humans to return to their original blueprint. The most important thing to remember about these new energies is to stay conscious and match our frequency to receieve it through proper worships, rituals, yoga and mystical knowledge according to great siddha masters.

The Siddhas were scientists, particularly in their investigations into chemistry, astronomy, plants, human anatomy and physiology. They applied their extraordinary powers, developed through intensive yogis practices, to research these areas on atomic and universal levels without the use of sophisticated equipment. In the long linege of Siddhas, one does not know when they came into earth's existance. Whether they still exist or are they Ascended masters teaching humanity the various sciences and philosophy, will perhaps, be never known.

In the teachings of the Siddhas the human body is a temple of God. Man is a miniature representation of Paramatma or Supreme Intelligence. The purpose of life is to realize God.To manifest that realization in all planes of existence.

Using special salts as well as herbal formulae the Siddhas developed the unique science of rejuvenation, known as "kaya kalpa", which allowed them to prolong their lives until the long term effects of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama and similar yogic practices could complete the process of transformation, bringing about physical immortality.

Siddhas followed the ancient Guru- disciple apprenticeship method. They revealed their secrets to those students whom they felt could be trusted not to misuse the science. The science of Kaya kalpa was limited to those great sages. who were prepared for the uplifting of humanity. Ayurveda came much later as discipline.

The Siddhas had vast knowledge of human anatomy. Their single-minded concentration was unique. It was was achieved with perfection. Their literature on medicine was extensive. The Siddhas were a close-knit community and preferred to preserve their knowledge. They reduced this knowledge to codes and symbols and their literature was steeped in mysticism. Only a Siddha can decode the writings of a Siddha. A beginner could not gain any appreciable knowledge without the Siddha accepting him as a student.

Siddhas such as Thirumoolar, Agastyar, Boganathar, and many more had realized their capacity for experiencing and manifesting the Divine. This was not only limited to the spiritual plane of existence. The Cosmic Spirit would descend into the more lower and gross planes of consciousness, the intellectual, mental, and physical bodies. This for us is a limiting thought as our yogic parasites are not as intense as the Siddha. With progressive surrender of their being , their ego and their very lives the Divine would indeed transform them. With intense practices of various Kriyas, hatha and bhakti yoga, meditation, mantras and Kriya Kundalini Pranayama they merged with the Cosmic Spirit . This was race against time as the natural breakdown of cells, catabolism, had to be reversed to anabolism to prolong the extent of their age. They had to complete the Divine transformation. With Kriya Kundalini yoga and using specific herbal and mineral salts they were able to prolong their youth for the Ultimate transformation.

The Universe was created out of a Cosmic Thought . No civilization be it the Inca, Atlantis or Egyptian had such a precise knowledge as the Siddhas. They were proficient in the science of longevity or deathless state, alchemy, medicine and physics.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Power of Mantra

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Sound is a form of energy made up of a frequency (kampan shakti) or wavelengths. The Universe vibrates in its own frequency (Nadabrahmam). The mother Earth vibrates at 7.83 htz and the father Cosmos vibrates at 14 htz. Thus, the whole existence is nothing but sound. Our ancient Yogis, Siddhas and Rishis used to give mantras, the occult formula of vibrations which are nothing but a sound waves which can produce low or high sound frequencies. When uttered repeatedly with devotion, they become the source of enormous vibrations and infinite power which certain wavelengths have the power to heal, others are capable of shattering glass.

Whatever sound comes out from the mouth is the outcome of the interaction of various organs such as the wind-pipe, the tongue, the teeth, the lips etc. The different organs or parts of the mouth are interconnected with various parts of the body through tubular organs known as Nadi.

In those areas of the body, especially wherever the Chakras are located, there are lots of Ganglia (granthis, subtle energy knots). The mystics know what power is contained in each of the Ganglia. The various sounds produced through the organs of the mouth have their effect on these Ganglia; they activate the Ganglia and discharge their stored power. The wordings of the mantra are arranged on the basis of their sounds and intonations.

Mantras also can work directly upon our karma, the accumulated tendencies with which we are born.

The sounds involved in a Mantra are themselves significant, because they generate in the individual, an unusual mystic power. Mantra produces a set of frequency in the surrounding atmosphere and its force depends on the attitude of the person as well as the intensity of concentration. This frequency can attract the concerned deity (archetype being) and respond to us for our well being.

A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment - the range is truly vast. You can choose for yourself.

How to sit:
Sitting in position which maximizes the total effect of mantras is desirable. According to the ancient systems, the lotus posture is the best asana for meditation and for mantras. Other asanas (postures) which are recommended in order of effect for meditation or the practice of mantras are:

1. Padma Asana (Lotus pose) / Ardha Padmasana
2. Siddha Asana or Vajra Asana (Thunderbolt pose

Once you have decided upon the asana for a particular mantra, you must use the same mantra for the duration of the chanting. You can sit on the earth ( as distinct from floor), on a deer skin, a tiger skin, a wooden platform, a cotton or plant fibre mat. Synthetic materials should not be used.

For getting the maximum benefit, the mantras should be recited at designated timings.

Where to chant:
Mantras should be chanted in a quiet place. Once a place has been chosen, it should become permanent for all practical purposes.

Best time:
The best time for chanting mantras is the Brahmamuhurtam (4 a.m. / 2 hours before Sun rise). Other good times are the transition periods i.e. when night is turning into day (dawn and sunrise), when day is turning into night (twilight and sunset). You can also choose the time before going to bed. Having chosen your time, you should be regular about the hours and duration of your chanting.

If chanting mantras during the day time, you should sit facing the north or the east. If chanting mantras during the night, you should sit facing the north.

Using a Mala or Rosary:

Generally, a mala or mala of 108 Rudraksha or tulsi (basil) or sandalwood beads is used when chanting mantras. According to ancient texts, the following beads can be used for chanting specific mantras:

1. For obtaining wealth and fulfillment of desires : Mala of crystals
2. For obtaining spiritual and mystical knowledge  : Mala of rudraksha

3. For obtaining both material wealth and spiritual wisdom : Mala of 54 rudraksha beads and 54 crystal beads ( 54 + 54 = 108 beads )
Mantras must be chanted or recited with unwavering devotion and motivation.

With the mala hanging over the middle, ring and index finger of the right hand, the thumb and middle finger are generally used to roll the beads. You must not cross the ' head' of the mala when rolling the beads and must revert to the head after completing a mala.

Finger-line counting ( yogic way)
Place your left thumb on the top line of your little finger and move it on each time you repeat the mantra - first to the middle line, then the lowest line, then on to the lines of the ring finger and so on. Using the three lines of the four fingers is twelve repititions; nine rounds adds up to a hundred and eight repititions.

How often:
The number of times a mantra has to be chanted is usually specified. Normally, it is considered auspicious to chant a mantra 11, 18, 54 or 108 times or in multiples of 108. Once you have fixed upon the number, you can increase it but cannot decrease it unless with the guidance of your Guru.