Siddhas, Yogis & Rishis of India

The greatest contribution of India to the world is her material and spiritual science. No civilization, however old it be, has ever attained the level of sophistication, reached by the great ancient Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis of India in material and spiritual science.

What they had was not just intelligence but intuition. They could see, hear or feel beyond the realm of the five senses. They did not need telescopes, microscope or other scientific equipments to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. They only relied on the most powerful instrument in the world the human soul which has it in a latent sense, omniscience and omnipotence.

The earth plane was actually designed as a laboratory for the evolution of souls, so the GOD send us His reprsentatives in the form of Siddhas, Yogis and Rishis to show us the way. This great souls are in every part of the world, but particularly in India and especially in Tamil Nadu, the land of the Mystics.

In India all scientific truths are imbibed in routine life, by explaining them through Puranic Stories. Through tradition or custom, all scientific truths are brought to the stage of implementation in day-to-day life

In this Blog im Decoding the Hindu Sacred Stories, Symbols, Myth, Rituals and Worships for Today`s Modern World Scientifically. Many doubts such as the connection between the Universal Soul, the One God and myriad gods and goddesses, Hindu rituals, practices and their symbolism, the caste system and concepts such as karma, dharma and reincarnation are explained in a simplified and scientific form.

"May Mother Earth and Father Heaven Bless You With Prosperity and Enlightenment"

- Vijayakumar Alagapan

Quotes about India

Some of the following facts were recently published in a German magazine, which deals with WORLD HISTORY FACTS ABOUT INDIA and HINDUISM.

- India invented the Number system 0 to 9.

- The world's first University was established in Takshila in 700BC. More than 10,500 students from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects. The University of Nalanda built in the 4 th century BC was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.

- Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans.

- Although western media portray modern images of India as poverty striken and underdeveloped through political corruption, India was once the richest empire on earth.

- The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 5000 years ago. The very word "Navigation" is derived from the Sanskrit word NAVGATIH.

- The value of pi was first calculated by Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem. British scholars have last year (1999) officially published that Budhayana's works dates to the 6th Century which is long before the European mathematicians.

- Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India . Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11 th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 1053.

- USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.

- Chess was invented in India .

- Sushruta is the father of surgery. 2600 years ago he and health scientists of his time conducted surgeries like cesareans, cataract, fractures and urinary stones. Usage of anaesthesia was well known in ancient India .

- When many cultures in the world were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley ( Indus Valley Civilisation) .

- The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.


We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made. - Albert Einstein, 1879–1955 (German scientist and humanist)

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition. - Mark Twain.

The Indian way of life provides the vision of the natural, real way of life. On the face of India are the tender expressions, which carry the Creator’s hand. - George Bernard Shaw, 1856–1950 (Irish author and literary critic)

If there is one place on the face of earth where all dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India . - French scholar Romain Rolland.

Tantric Astrology

Tantric Astrology

Most Popular Programme

Most Popular Programme - TANTRIC ASTROLOGY

Tantriga Jyotidam (Tantric Astrology) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics. It is used to identify :- Soul's mission in this life - Spiritual secrets - Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual - your hidden potential - your actual education, career & business path - How to appease Planets - How to get your departed ancestors blessings - Method to remove bad karmic energies that limit your potential - What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues - How to turn your bad vibration or ill luck into positive vibration to attract health, wealth, prosperity - and many more….


The purpose of Astrology and Temple is to fix problems by focusing attention on rituals, worships and remedies. Unfortunately most people dont have such a fortunate life to learn about rituals, worships and remedies or have the grace and faith to believe in them. Remember rituals, worships and remedies in temples particularly in south Indian temples are nothing more or less then a advance technology to connect with divine beings. Divine help is available and we have ways to help you access the divine intervention in your life.

"Know your astrology, rituals, worships, remedies and you begin to control your destiny"

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Yogam (Yoga), Vaithyam (Natural medicine), Jyothidam (Astrology) and Nyanam (Mystical Knowledge) must be master to know GOD'

Education, which cannot give peace to the soul or cannot give the knowledge of the Self and the inner satisfaction, is not education. Education, which cannot wipe the tears of others, known or unknown, is not education. Education is understanding the situation - leading the life that can make the life, the Life Divine, where the ultimate goal of the life is the God-Realisation.


- Animal to Man ( Mooladhara to Anahata )
- Man to Man ( Anahata to Ajna )
- Man to Divine ( Ajna to Sahasrara )

During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Karthigai star, will be in alignment resulting in more of the grace light entering the Earth plane. Thereafter, it is predicted that the Karthigai - Lord Murugan energy will be responsible for the transformation of the planet and of the genetic evolution of the human species into Gods and Goddesses status. This energy will allow humans to return to their original blueprint. The most important thing to remember about these new energies is to stay conscious and match our frequency to receieve it through proper worships, rituals, yoga and mystical knowledge according to great siddha masters.

The Siddhas were scientists, particularly in their investigations into chemistry, astronomy, plants, human anatomy and physiology. They applied their extraordinary powers, developed through intensive yogis practices, to research these areas on atomic and universal levels without the use of sophisticated equipment. In the long linege of Siddhas, one does not know when they came into earth's existance. Whether they still exist or are they Ascended masters teaching humanity the various sciences and philosophy, will perhaps, be never known.

In the teachings of the Siddhas the human body is a temple of God. Man is a miniature representation of Paramatma or Supreme Intelligence. The purpose of life is to realize God.To manifest that realization in all planes of existence.

Using special salts as well as herbal formulae the Siddhas developed the unique science of rejuvenation, known as "kaya kalpa", which allowed them to prolong their lives until the long term effects of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama and similar yogic practices could complete the process of transformation, bringing about physical immortality.

Siddhas followed the ancient Guru- disciple apprenticeship method. They revealed their secrets to those students whom they felt could be trusted not to misuse the science. The science of Kaya kalpa was limited to those great sages. who were prepared for the uplifting of humanity. Ayurveda came much later as discipline.

The Siddhas had vast knowledge of human anatomy. Their single-minded concentration was unique. It was was achieved with perfection. Their literature on medicine was extensive. The Siddhas were a close-knit community and preferred to preserve their knowledge. They reduced this knowledge to codes and symbols and their literature was steeped in mysticism. Only a Siddha can decode the writings of a Siddha. A beginner could not gain any appreciable knowledge without the Siddha accepting him as a student.

Siddhas such as Thirumoolar, Agastyar, Boganathar, and many more had realized their capacity for experiencing and manifesting the Divine. This was not only limited to the spiritual plane of existence. The Cosmic Spirit would descend into the more lower and gross planes of consciousness, the intellectual, mental, and physical bodies. This for us is a limiting thought as our yogic parasites are not as intense as the Siddha. With progressive surrender of their being , their ego and their very lives the Divine would indeed transform them. With intense practices of various Kriyas, hatha and bhakti yoga, meditation, mantras and Kriya Kundalini Pranayama they merged with the Cosmic Spirit . This was race against time as the natural breakdown of cells, catabolism, had to be reversed to anabolism to prolong the extent of their age. They had to complete the Divine transformation. With Kriya Kundalini yoga and using specific herbal and mineral salts they were able to prolong their youth for the Ultimate transformation.

The Universe was created out of a Cosmic Thought . No civilization be it the Inca, Atlantis or Egyptian had such a precise knowledge as the Siddhas. They were proficient in the science of longevity or deathless state, alchemy, medicine and physics.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter transit) effect for 12 Rasis in 2Ø18 & 2Ø19

How Jupiter Transit ( Guru Peyarchi) into Vrischikam ( Scorpio ) on 11th October 2Ø18, Thursday will Affect our Lives?

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The earth passes almost directly between the Sun and jupiter that whirls through on its orbit, at a speed of about 3ØØ,ØØØ miles per hour, once in about thirteen months. While the earth takes one year to go round the Sun, Jupiter takes about twelve years.

Jupiter confers both material and spiritual expansion. As a planet of growth, many favourable significations like prosperity, learning and aquisition of name and fame are attributed to it. Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the astrological hierarchy ( 13ØØ earths can be fit into Jupiter ) & his transit is indeed very important to the astrological fraternity.  As he is the planet of Wealth, his transits can make or break you. Jupiter always infuses optimism, righteousness nature, jovial spirit, and God-fearing nature and abundance of wealth and knowledge if not afflicted. An unafflicted Jupiter will have positive influence on a native. But an afflicted Jupiter spoils every available opportunity, by infusing an attitude of dissolution, over indulgence, lavishness, deceitfulness, hypocrisy, boastfullness and also laziness.

Guru Peyarchi is happening on Thursday Octber 11th, 2Ø18 23.Ø9 pm (MST) as per Thiru Kanidha Panchangam. Jupiter will move from Tulam (Libra) to Vrischikam (Scorpio) and stay there untill November 5th, 2Ø19 9.12 am (MST). Note : There would always be little time difference between panchangam like Thiru Kanidha Panchangam and Vakya Panchangam).

Jupiter transit is aupicious in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th, while Mixed in the 1st, 4th and 1Øth and the rest 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12 places are fully Inauspicious.

Jupiter's transit effects for 12 rasis

Vrischikam / Scorpio :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 1st house from Natal Moon is unfavourable / neutral 
This is an unfavourable period for you as the planet of Wisdom turns malevolent & hostile in the adverse First. Uncontrollable expenditure, health hazards & unnecessary wanderings and journeys involving wastage of time & money indicated. Your health would require extra attention and care in order to avoid any kind of diseases. Avoid taking life risks when it comes to your health. Financially also, you may have to face a rough period, as you may lose some of your money due to unnecessary expenditure. Avoid long distance travel, as it may not yield the expected result during this time. You are also likely to suffer during this travel. There is also a chance of you staying away from your native land during this phase. If unemployed, you may face disappointment regarding your employment. This could also prove to be a trying time professionally. Avoid any kind of arguments with your seniors at work, as it might give you mental agony. Moreover, put extra effort to complete your projects successfully and on time. This period may also see you suffer from the wrath of the government, humiliation and loss of position at work. Hold on to your position and respect and do not put these into risk, at any cost. Moreover, avoid any arguments with the family members and try to keep your calm. Be cautious in your decisions and while dealing with people. You would also need to keep your spirits high, as this period may bring along mental agony and depression as well. However, some of you may also find solutions to some of your previous problems during this particular time. You may also get the news of the conception of your child. Your interest in religious work will increase. Students are likely to excel during this time. Your prestige in society is likely to move up during this time.

Dhanusu / Saggitarius :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 12th house from Natal Moon is unfavourable
In the malevolent 12th, Jupiter turns malign & many problems you will have to encounter in mundane life. Expenditure spirals beyond control. You have to be careful while handling money. The outflow of money is expected to be greater than the inflow. Above all, you may also find difficulty in trade and business.
However, you are also likely to spend some money on auspicious occasions and on long distance travels. This period may force upon you a phase in which you may have to stay away from your native place and away from your children. If employed, hold on to your position and rank at work as this period may put a risk to these as well. Mental and physical health may suffer and you may experience mental affliction, grief and fear. Avoid undertaking any task that involves life risk. During this period you are susceptible to go astray and behave in a way that is not usual of you. Your good conduct may vanish temporarily during this phase and you may be negative in your attitude while approaching your near and dear ones. The society may go against you and you may also be humiliated and defamed on the social front. Avoid being caught in any unpleasant situations. However, some of you are likely to earn some extra money with which you may consider buying a vehicle of your choice.

Makaram / Capricorn :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 11th house from Natal Moon is favourable
During this period, Jupiter will move through your eleventh house from the Moon. This signifies a good time. During this time you may expect promotions at the workplace, gain in trade and even a position of higher authority in your professional life. This could also prove to be a socially good time for you, as your status in the society is likely to be heightened. Your splendour and physical presence will also be noticed and sought during this time. You may even expect gains from your friends and dear ones. This time would help you see your enemies mellowed down and defeated. Your interest in religious activities will rise and you could be benefited by the power of chanting mantras. If eligible, you may consider marriage and couples may expect a new member in their family. Some of you may also get romantically involved with member of the opposite sex during this time. Finances would be good and most of you would consider buying landed property, jewellery, new vehicles and acquiring material comfort in this time. You would also enjoy sound health and a peaceful mind.

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Kumbam / Aquarius :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 10th house from Natal Moon is unfavourable / neutral

During this period, Jupiter will move through your tenth house from the Moon. This brings in some disturbances into the rhythm of your life. You may develop negative thinking and a feeling of wretchedness during this time. Some unfulfilled desires may make you irritable as well. Avoid wandering about, as you are most likely to be disappointed during this particular time. This is the time when you may need to consciously avoid arguments with your seniors at work and with your elders at home. If you are not careful, there is a chance that you might lose your position, honour and could even be transferred to a distant place. Take care of your finances and keep them at a much safer place during this period. Your health and that of your children would require your attention. Take care of your eyes and throat. This is the time when you may need to maintain an absolutely healthy lifestyle to ward of feeling of tiredness. Be careful enough not to endanger your children’s life with your negligence especially during this time. You would now reap the benefits of good deeds performed by you, when Jupiter was moving in Meenam-Pisces in your 9th house. With help from authority figures and Might of Money, you would succesfully deal with your enemies and rivals, and may go in for out-of-court settlements in any cases. Though Income may not increase to your expectation, you would curb your expenses and build up a sizable bank-balance by pulling through on a shoestring budget.

Meenam / Pisces :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 9th house from Natal Moon is favourable

The financial planet turns benign and ushers in a prosperous period. There may be educational and financial gains. You will get relief from last years' eighth Jupiter. During this period, Jupiter will move through your ninth house from the Moon. This denotes wealth and financial gain for you. You may expect profit in trade and business, a position of authority at your workplace, success in all your endeavors and favour from your superiors as well. This could prove to be a particularly good time for authors, publishers, professors and people related to the field of books. Socially also, this is a good time as you are likely to be honoured and your status would take an upwardly move. Your interest in religious activities would be at an all time high and you are likely to attend as many religious functions as possible. You would also seek the company of saints and be willing to spend on some virtuous deeds. Inflow of money should be good and you may expect financial gains from all the possible quarters. You may also consider buying fertile land or other immovable property during this period. Singles may consider marriage with a match of your choice and those who are planning a baby may go for it at this time. Most of you are likely to indulge in great food and bodily comfort during this time. Health should be fine and you may also consider going on long distance travel.

Mesha / Aries :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 8th house from Natal Moon is unfavourable
Jupiter is extremely malefic in the 8th. During this period, Jupiter will move through your eighth house from the Moon. This mostly brings along disappointments for you. Health would require a lot of attention during this particular time, as you are likely to develop several ailments that might even risk your life. Moreover, you may feel exhausted and lackluster. Work would require a lot of effort to see successful completion. Avoid unnecessary arguments and concentrate more on your field of work. Hold on tightly to your position and honour, as this period also signifies the loss of the same along with humiliation. You may even have to face the wrath of the government, get involved in litigations and even get imprisoned. Keep an eye on your finances and beware of thieves and unnecessary expenses. If you are planning to travel, it would be a good idea to avoid it during this time. This travel is likely to be troublesome and may not give you the expected results. Stay away from arguments with you family and friends as this might create new enemies for you. Moreover, your behavior is likely to become irritable, merciless and rash during this time. Try to maintain your calm at this time.

Rishabam / Taurus :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 7th house from Natal Moon is favourable
During this period, Jupiter will move through your seventh house from the Moon. This brings in good times in your life. You may expect to enjoy bodily and material comfort, savour exotic cuisine, acquire property, pass your leisure time being entertained and even expect to be honoured by higher authority. A good time could also be expected in your social life. You may expect to meet and befriend men of distinction, who could also prove to be beneficial for you. Personally you would also be noticed for your smart speech and intellectual eminence. This time may make you stay outdoors performing auspicious deeds. Health would remain fine. Your profound character and bodily grandeur will be noticed at this time. You are likely to experience fulfilment of your desires and a comfortable home. Singles may consider tying the knot and couples may consider an addition in the family. If married, you are likely to enjoy heightened conjugal bliss with your partner during this time.

Mithunam / Gemini :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 6th house from Natal Moon is unfavourable
During this period, Jupiter will move through your sixth house from the Moon. This signifies trouble in most of your life’s quarters. You tend to increase your enemies by being involved in unnecessary arguments with your family and friends. You are also likely to create enmity with your mentor. Beware of your enemies at this time as they might trouble you more than ever. Health would require attention at this time. You may feel unhappy even when you are in the best of condition and may tend to become restless. Take care to avoid slackness in health and diseases. You would have to be more attentive in your field of work as there is a chance that you might lose some money or property during this phase. Beware of thieves, a fire at your workplace and even the wrath of the government. If employed, maintain a good rapport with your employer and colleagues to avoid any disfavour with them. It would be better to postpone new enterprises, as this may not be the right time to start something new. Your relationship with your spouse may have to be handled carefully and sensibly. Avoid any kind of arguments with your partner and stay away from litigations of any kind with anybody.

Kadakam / Cancer :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 5th house from Natal Moon is favourable

Prosperity decreed as the planet of finance transits the favourable fifth. You feel a lot better than previous year. The inner intuitive urge will make you spiritual and religious. There will be more interest in spiritual matters as the Divine Guru of all planets blesses you in no uncertain measure. You may expect successful completion of your plans and you would be more devoted to your work or profession during this time. Your efforts would bear high rewards and you are also likely to get better opportunities and profits in trade and business. If you are interested in learning or are already a student, you may expect success in your field of learning as well. Financially this could prove to be a good time for you and your family. You may consider buying cattle, house, jewellery and garments. On the more personal front, if single, you may expect to meet your perfect match during this time and may even consider marriage. If married, you may expect the arrival of a new member in your family. Your relationship with the other members of your family would improve and you may even gain from some of them. You are also likely to hire a domestic help to assist your family in finishing household chores. An auspicious event may take place at home and your involvement in it would be the most. Socially a good time is expected as well. You may expect the company of noble persons and may also expect to get some royal favours during this time. Your intellect would be in its sharpest condition and you would come out successful in any kind of reasoning and discussions. You are also likely to pass your leisure time being entertained and your honour and status in the society is also expected to rise during this particular time. Mentally you would be at peace with yourself.

Simham / Leo :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 4th house from Natal Moon is unfavourable / neutral

During this period, Jupiter will move through your fourth house from the Moon. This brings along worries for you. You may have to face a lot of hardship at the work front and your promotion is also likely to be delayed. Stay away from any kind of litigations and property related issues. Beware of your enemies and consciously avoid creating new ones at this time. Try and maintain cordial relationships with your relatives and friends. This period also sees you visiting a bereaved family. Financially this could be a trying time for you. Take measures to avoid unnecessary expenses and travel. Take care of your health and that of your mother. You may experience lacklustre and weakness during this period. It is better to stay away from pets and motor journeys as these might cause accidents during this phase. Hold high to your status in the society and maintain a smooth relationship with the members of the society, as there may occur an opposition. You are also likely to face humiliation and deep mental anguish particularly at this time.

Kanni / Virgo :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 3rd house from Natal Moon is unfavourable
During this period, Jupiter will move through your third house from the Moon. This brings in indisposition along with some other hurdles into your life. Financially this may not be a good phase for you as you are likely to face obstacles in business and failure in your endeavour. You are also likely to lose some money. At work, you may have to be cautious enough to keep your position or rank. You are also likely to face the opposition of your employer or your colleagues during this time. Stay away from any kind of argument with your siblings and friends, as it might lead to a fight with them. You are also likely to lose a relative or a friend during this time. Your health as well as the health of your spouse would demand extra attention as you both may become susceptible to various diseases during this time. You may also suffer from other hardships and mental anxiety. Avoid undertaking any journey during this period as you might incur some loss in it. On the other hand, some of you may also perform some auspicious deeds or even consider getting married.

Tulam / Libra :
Transit of Guru-Jupiter in the 2nd house from Natal Moon is favourable

During this period, Jupiter will move through your second house from the Moon. This mostly denotes good times. This could be a rewarding phase for you where you are likely to add on to your present financial earnings, gain profit in trade, agriculture and also spend happily on charity. This period may also see you investing in landed property or real estate and would help you repay your debts if any. On the home front, this should be a happy phase bringing happiness to your family. You may also expect to enjoy married life. You may also expect a new member in the family. At work, you would be able to gain confidence of your seniors and would also be able to influence others. You would gain over your enemies during this time. Socially, this should be a satisfying period for you, as you are likely to command more respect and you would experience heightened grandeur and dignity. Mentally you would be at peace and you are also likely to sharpen your intellect during this particular time.

Note - The above results are general and they should be carefully applied to individual horoscopes in the light of directional influences ( Dasa ). For example, if there are no powerful yogas in the radical chart , reputation wealth and fame denoted by a transit will have a very limited scope for expression.


Lord Guru-Jupiter being a teacher, it is suggested that one should personally obtain the blessings of teachers,family priest, advisors, mentors and look after your elders. Help poor children for pursuing their studies by donating educational material like pens, books, school uniforms etc. and coaching them will please the Lord. Keep fast on Thursday (from Sun rise to Sun set) and offer prayers to Lord Dakshnamoorthy in temple. Chant Guru Mantra 108 times (Hmmm / Om Guruve Namaha) on Thursday in 1st hour from Sun rise. Do not refuse the beggars. Donate food and money to needy people on Thursday. Practice meditation regularly and observe silence on Thursday. Wear yellow dress or inner garment on Thursday. One should pray to Lord Guru-Jupiter in the Navagraha shrine, found in most of the Shiva temples in the South India.

Alangaudi near Kumbhakonam is an important Pariharastalam of Lord Jupiter. Here, Lord Dakshinamoorthy is worshipped as Lord Guru. The temple is situated 17Km from Kumbakonam in the Mannarkudi route. Devoetees offer yellow cloth, white Mullai flower, Bengal Gram (Channa dal) on the day of Jupiter's transit. All thursdays are special to Guru Bhagawan. Prayers offered on t he days of Guru's stars (Punarvasu, Visakha and Poorvabhadra) are considered specially auspicious. Main deity of this temple is Lord Aabathsagayeswarar and His consort is Elawar Kuzhali.


Hmmm Guruve Namaha ........... Hmmm Guruve Namaha ........... Hmmm Guruve Namaha ..........

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"Know your astrology, rituals, worships, remedies and you begin to control your destiny"

Tantric Astrology (Tantriga Jyothidam) is an esoteric science practice by very few masters in India is a system designed by ancient Indian mystics. It is used to identify :- Soul's mission in this life - Spiritual secrets - Qualities, talents and capabilities of the individual - your hidden potential - your actual education, career & business path - How to appease Planets - How to get your departed ancestors blessings - Method to remove bad karmic energies that limit your potential - What you owe to society in your previous life and ways to pay the dues - How to turn your bad vibration or ill luck into positive vibration to attract health, wealth, prosperity - and many more….

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lord Ganesha's Birthday on 13th Sept 2Ø18 ~ Vijayakumar Alagappan

Lord Ganesha the presiding deity of the Planet Ketu & Muladhara Chakra

Ganesha's Birthday falls on Thursday 13th Sept 2Ø18. Birthday of the Gods and Goddesses are important as the stars resided by the particular deity is close to the Earth plane on that day and it provides you with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the deity. Worshiping Ganesha on his birthday will give you mental strength and bring in prosperity.

Ganesha worship is one of the oldest form of practice in Hinduism and the most popular deity in India. He has been prayed to, worshiped and adored in one form or another since time began; and time itself began with His creation.  He, above all others, is the God, the great Mahadeva, to be invoked before every act and especially worshiped and prayed to when changes occur in our lives as we move from the old established patterns into new ones. Lord Ganesha is always there to steady our minds and open the proper doors as we evolve and progress. He never, ever fails. He is always there for us when we need Him.  

Ganesha represents the wisdom tradition. He doesn’t care about logical understanding. He is associated with buthi, highest form of intelligence. There is a story how he enter a competition with his brother Muruga. Both of them try to go around the universe. Muruga wanted to do it in the harder way going around the universe with his vehicle the peacock. But Ganesha just go around Shiva and Parvathi and profound to asked very quikly. He represent a short cut by doing something very small but gaining tremendous amount of result.

He is revered with the title Aadhi Moola Kadavul, means “The God of the Beginning”. Fitted with an elephant head and a human body, this God uses the mouse as his vehicle to move around. Toppukaranam (squatting and standing up exercise) is known to make him happy. He is placed at the right in a Shiva temple to symbolize that he is our right brain (memory/emotional brain) ruler.

He is prayed specially before the beginning of all actions including any new rituals and prayer services. He represents the Pranava Manthra "OM" and is called "Pranava Swaroopa." There are several days in the month according to the Phase of the moon or star position which are important for each of the Deity we worship. The Fourth day after New Moon every month [Sukla paksham] - Chathurthi is very important for Ganesha. The Fourth day after the Full moon day [Krishna paksham] is called Sankatahara Chathurthi day and is auspicious for special pooja and Havan [Homam] for Ganesha. The Sukla Chathurthi day of the Tamil month Aavani is celebrated as Ganesha Chathurthi day.

Ganapathy Thaalam ~ Raaga Gambeera Naatai ~ Sura Sura Ganapathy

- Lord Ganesha is closely associated with Ketu and is the planetary Overlord of Ketu. 
- Lord Ganesha when prayed to also gives the Moksham (enlightenment) and obtains all the above through Ketu. 
- In Tantric Astrology when Ketu occupy in your 12th house, then it considered this is your last birth. 
- In Ganesha's right hand He will hold ankusham (Axe) to cut the rope of rebirth that He hold in His left hand. 
- So Lord Ganesha is Moksham giver God who can liberate you from Human Kingdom to Angelic Kingdom (Deva Logam).

Adhi Ganapathi ~ Human Face Ganesha

Vinayaka, Vi-nayaka, the one born without a husband. And she loves him. 
He is the lord of the Muladhara Chakra, the base chakra, the guardian who will leads us on that occult journey called Tantra, that reveals the mysteries of the Goddess.

Lord Ganesha can comprehend the language of sound which we speak. He is the deity who converts the language of sound into that of light. Most of the other deities can understand only the language of light.

Vinayakee ~ Feminine Ganesha

In art, when Shiva is half a woman, the Goddess makes up the left half of his form while he retains the right half. On the left is the heart, of intuition, of feeling. The right side, the opposite side, is the side of the head, of the thinking, of intellect and of the soul. When Ganesha’s trunk points to his heart, he is closer to his mother, the sensual Goddess, who embraces material reality. But when it points to the right, he is closer to his father, the intellectual mendicant who wants to shut his eyes to the world. Ganesha’s image with trunk pointing to his heart is popular in households because it shows a Ganesha comfortable with the world of matter, senses and emotions. Ganesha with his trunk curled to his right, is more ascetic in nature, hence not kept inside homes, and preferably enshrined in temples. 

Ganesha and the Mouse
The mouse (Mushika or Akhu) represents the ego, the mind with all of its desires, and the pride of the individual. Ganesha, riding atop the mouse, becomes the master (and not the slave) of these tendencies, indicating the power that the intellect and the discriminative faculties have over the mind. Moreover, the mouse (extremely voracious by nature) is often depicted next to a plate of sweets with his eyes turned toward Ganesha while he tightly holds on to a morsel of food between his paws, as if expecting an order from Ganesha. This represents the mind which has been completely subordinated to the superior faculty of the intellect, the mind under strict supervision, which fixes Ganesha and does not approach the food unless it has permission.

Image Detail

The Wisdom of Ganesh
Shiva and Parvati used to play with two sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya.
The gods had given them a marvelous fruit. Each boy wanted to get it for him alone.
Their parents explained them that the nectar of the Supreme Knowledge and of Immortality was hidden in that fruit. To get the fruit, both had to compete. The winner should run three times around the world and come back first. Kartikeya left at once. Riding his peacock, he flew in the sky, stopping at every sacred place on his way, praying and worshipping the gods. Ganesh was fully aware of his stout body; it slackened off him badly. The rat, his vehicle, was rather slow and would not be able to beat Kartikeya. But his wisdom suggested him the right solution. He turned round his parents, Shiva and Parvati, showing a deep devotion. When they asked him why he did not start his journey around the world, he replied :
"My parents Shiva and Shakti are the Whole Universe. In Them is located the World. He do not need to go further". Of course, he won the contest, ... and the fruit.
This legend emphasizes the importance of cleverness; Ganesh is a strong symbol of this quality which is always the best against force, speed or physical strength.

Lord Ganesha contain powerful, elementary energies from the earliest time of creation. If one knows how to invoke Ganesha it will be beneficial energy to help you make the 'impossible' possible. This will give you the power to attract successes in all that you do. Chant "Hmmm / Om Lam Lambodharaaya Namaha" everyday one hour before Sun rise (after cold shower) by focusing on Mooladhara Chakra, it awakens your Kundalini Shakti. You may start this practice from Lord Ganesha's birthday onwards. Chant 1Ø8 times loudly for 48 days then reduce your chanting to 18 times after 48 days onwards but this time you should chant mentally. By awakening Mooladhara chakra one can remove blocks in every area of life: making money, health, especially relationships and etc. with the blessings of Lord Ganesha the over Lord of the Mooladhara chakra.

When we activate the energy of the Soul by chanting this mantra, Lord Ganesha will bless us with the kind of knowledge that will completely remove our tendency to be reborn. In this lifetime we are all fortunate enough to be born as human beings, but none of us can be sure of this good fortune in our future lives. Who knows which body our Soul may inhabit then – it could even be the body of an animal or insect. This will be decided by the kind of karma we generate through our thoughts, words and actions. However, if we awaken the energy of our Soul, we will only transmigrate from a human body to a divine body and we will unite with God. This is the science of the Soul and the essence of life.

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Understanding the Nodes - Rahu and Ketu

Understanding Rahu and Ketu
by Vijayakumar Alagappan

Rahu and Ketu, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, are the most interesting and mysterious planets in Indian Astrology. In the group of planets referred to in Indian astrology, rahu and Ketu are considered as the only two planet is not worshipped as a god in Indian mythology. They do not own any signs, but they do own nakshatras.

In Indian astrology the lunar nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, have special powers in a chart. Often referred to as our karmic destiny, they indicate our greatest gifts and our darkest issues. In prediction they are where the annual eclipses fall, and indicate the areas of our life that involve the most transformation for that year. When the lunar nodes are combined with another planet they take on the quality of that planet. Each combination will produce very different results.

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects the ecliptic at two points. These two points are the nodes of the Moon. The north node of the Moon (Rahu) is where the Moon crosses from south to north, called the ascending node. This symbolizes the birth into the material manifestation. The south node (Ketu) is where the Moon crosses from north to south, called the descending node. This symbolizes our leaving the material plane for the spiritual realm. So Rahu takes us into the physical world and Ketu takes us out of it.

Actually in reality, the so called North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu are the North and South Poles of our Earth only, respectively. We are all the inhabitants of the planets Rahu and Ketu only.

All this represents the cycles of birth and death into and out of this world. Rahu and Ketu are the indicators of destiny and fate, symbolizing our entrapment in this physical plane. These shadow planets control us by our desires. Our desires are our karmas. Our destiny is to release the chains this world has cast upon us. It is like the serpent’s bite. The poisonous venom intoxicates us into this world. Rahu takes us under its spell with the illusions of this world, the promise of happiness, leaving us with a sense of wanting: “If I could only have more of the things that give me pleasure”. But of course, this only leads to insatiable desires. We can never have enough. This is the venomous bite of Rahu. Conversely Ketu strips us of the objects of our desires, revealing that nothing in this world gives us security and permanence. It is essentially the process of enlightenment, when we come to realize that ultimately, it is all an illusion. Nothing of this material world lasts, therefore; it is all an illusion or Maya. Ketu is the bringer of enlightenment through the realization of this truth. Ketu is the release of this world.
The strength of Rahu and Ketu when compared to other planets is very high by 1ØØØØØØ times or more.

If Rahu is well-placed in a horoscope, it will bring power and material success. If it is not well-disposed, it can cause alot of problems. One may expect professional setbacks, loss of work and friends, and the possible break-up of a marriage during its major and sub-periods. Rahu is said to give similar effects as Saturnn. If Ketu well-placed, it will works towards providing knowledge and moksha, the final liberation from cycle of birth and death. A poorly disposed Ketu can also create total chaos. There may be monetary setbacks,personal unhappiness  or a feeling of alienation, which can even result in withdrawal from materialistic life. It is said to produce the same effects as Mars.

Rahu and Ketu from Scientific View
The nodal points of the Moon, what we call Rahu and Ketu, are infact, clubs of magnetic and 
gravitational forces of two celestial bodies, the Moon and Earth and hence are very influential upon 
the life of mankind. These points Affect our central nervous system as well as sympathetic and para 
sympathetic nervous system, which work on the principles of electromagnetic systems. Consequently, they have direct impacts on the generation of signals of information in neurons and 
neurotransmitters and thier movement from brain to various parts of our body and back to the brain. 
In this way, these nodal points (Rahu and Ketu) are psychosomatic, which govern not only stress 
level of our mind, but also the activities of hormones, blood circulation and function of the heart.

Rahu and Ketu from Spiritual View
Rahu is the immature child with in us, he want everything which he like. He is our deepest subconscious material desire. Rahu is obsession over the things that we need to learn a soul lesson in this life, so that eventually we are free of them, but usually through many painful mistakes and subconscious imagined fears, hypnotic attachments. Ketu is the inner parents who knows everything. Ketu 
is our past life experience which we already know. This is why Ketu brings doubt and sharp criticism to the areas of life where he sitting in the birth chart. He is eternally unsatisfied, he only observe what missing. Both Nodes are the illusion of what we don't know and what we know. It is the push and 
pull of Rahu obsession and Ketu doubt teaches us the lesson of life so that we can liberate from this world and be one/merge with universes. 

What is Naga Dosha caused by Rahu and Ketu?
If Rahu or Ketu is in the lagna, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th or 11th house, it is generally said that Naga dosha accrues.
- Ketu in lagna called Mangalya Naga dosha causes delay in marriage
- Ketu in the 2nd house called Aayurbhava Naga dosha creates longevity problems.
- Ketu in the 11th house called Putra bhava Naga dosha causes progeny-related problems.

Impact of Naga Dosha
Sociological impact
- Early curtailment of wedlock, by death of spouse or divorce
- Delay in progeny or no progeny
- Unexpected accidents.
Psychological impact
- Inclination to change of faith or religion
- Procrastination of one’s duties
- Fear of death
- Averse to sensual pleasure
Biological impact
- Susceptible to insect-bites.
- Lingering skin disease
- Problem in uterus or prostate gland

Worship of Nagaraja is particularly important for those who have been named after Nagaraja for e.g., Nagaraj, Nagendra, Nagaletchumi, Nagaratnam, Nagappa, Naga sundram and so on. You can also chant his mantra for 1Ø8 times ‘Hmmm(Om) Nagarajaya Pothri’.
It is said that one's present wealth, fame, health, confidence and merits will improve, obstacles and sickness will be eliminated, one will always meet good friends and masters, and have a happy harmonius family with pleasant looking and intelligent children when worship Lord Nagaraja.

Remedial Measures for Naga Dosha
- Donate a small Silver snake to a priest at Lord Muruga or Nagaraja temple with some money. This will reduce the affliction of Naga dosha
- Nagaraja is the deity bestowing progeny and family welfare. Perform Nagaraja pooja in your home by some learned priests.
- Visit Rameshwaram, Devipattinam or the Navagraha temples around Kumbakonam with your spouse and offer prayers to the devatas.
- Observee fasting on Naga-Panchami day and recite Nagamatha mantra 108 times ‘ Hmmm (Om) Nageswariyai Namaha
- Regular worship to Lord Ganesha, especially on Sundays and Tuesdays can please Lord Ketu.
- Worships of Goddess Durga by lighting lemon lamps during Rahu kala, especially on Tuesdays has a great effect, which wards off evil caused by the malefic planets.

Rahu Kala Time
In India - on Tuesday 3 p.m. to 4.3 p.m.
In Singapore and Malaysia - on Tuesday 4.3Ø p.m. to  6.ØØ p.m.

Pariharasthalam - Sacred Shrines of Rahu and Ketu
Worship at any of the temples mentioned below can definitely reduce the intensity of the problems arise from Naga dosha
- Sri Nageshwara temple, Thirunagesswaram
- Sri Kalahasti, Pancha Bootha sthala
- Mannarsala in Kerala
- Kukke Subramanya temple, Karnataka
- Nagaraja temple at Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu
Ardhanareeswarar temple in Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu
- Neeladakshi temple in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu
Keezha perumpallam, Tamil Nadu

The best days on which the remedies for Naga dosha be performed are Nagapanchami day, the day before the Maha Shivaratri. Amavasai (New Moon) day on which the star Arudra, Swati or Satayam fall, tha Amavasai or Pournami (Full Moon) which falls on a Wednesday forming the Kalasarpa Yoga in transit, at the time of Solar or Lunar eclipse.

Naga Chaturthi & Naga Panchami - (14th July & 15th July 2Ø18)

Appease the Snake Planets to Live a Successfull Life

Naga Chaturthi and Panchami comes on the fourth and fifth day after Adi month Ammavasai in the 
month of Adi. Naga Chathurti if for Ketu and Naga Panchami is for Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are the 
indicators of destiny and fate, symbolizing our entrapment in this physical plane. These shadow planets control us by our desires. Our desires are our karmas. Our destiny is to release the chains this world has cast upon us. It is like the serpent’s bite. The poisonous venom intoxicates us into this world. 
Rahu takes us under its spell with the illusions of this world, the promise of happiness, leaving us 
with a sense of wanting: “If I could only have more of the things that give me pleasure”. But of 
course, this only leads to insatiable desires. We can never have enough. This is the venomous bite of Rahu. Conversely Ketu strips us of the objects of our desires, revealing that nothing in this world gives us security and permanence. It is essentially the process of enlightenment, when we come to realize that ultimately, it is all an illusion. Nothing of this material world lasts, therefore; it is all an illusion 
or Maya. Ketu is the bringer of enlightenment through the realization of this truth. Ketu is the release of this world. 

If you feel that you lag behind in career, facing marital trouble or financial difficulties then Rahu and Ketu of your Birth Chart might be the reason behind it. Rahu and Ketu are the snake planets that 
represent the north and south nodes of the moon. 

They are together seen as the cause behind most of the psychological disorders, attraction to the 
darker side of life, health ailments, and other unfavorable events. These planets lie on the extreme ends. When perfectly pitched they bring about success and happiness in volumes; when unstably placed 
they affect the happiness and success factors of life.

Worshiping Rahu and Ketu on their special day will liberate you from misfortunes, negative forces and other perils of your life. Naga Panchami is that special occasion for you to transform your life for the better. On the day of Naga Panchami, your prayers will appease Rahu and Ketu; they in turn will heal your relationship problems, career disturbances and gift you with a hassle free life.

                  A large serpent was used to churn the ocean to produce ambrosia (Samudra Mathana)

A snake-bill (sacred mud) is powerful as a temple  
What to do on Naga Panchami Day?

- Donate a small Silver snake to a priest at Lord Muruga or Nagaraja temple with some money. This will reduce the affliction of Naga dosha
- Nagaraja is the deity bestowing progeny and family welfare. Perform Nagaraja pooja in your home by some learned priests.
- Visit Rameshwaram, Devipattinam or the Navagraha temples around Kumbakonam with your 
spouse and offer prayers to the devatas.
- Observe fasting on Naga-Panchami day and recite Nagamatha mantra 108 times ‘ Hmmm / (Om) Nageswariyai Namaha
- Visit Nageswary temple and do milk abishegam ritual

Lord Vishnu uses a snake as a bed 

Naga Kshetras in India

There are several pilgrim centers considered as Naga Kshethras where, Serpent God is worshipped as a presiding Deity. Some of the famous and ancient Naga Kshethras associated with puranic legends are Sri Kukke Subramanya in South Canara in Karnataka State, Sri Kshethra Kudupu near Mangalore, Sri Kalahasthi near Tirupathi, Ghaati Subramanya near Doddabalapur in Karnataka, Thirunageswaram near Kumbhakonam and Nagerkoil in Tamil Nadu, Manasa Devi temple in Hardwar in Uttar Pradesh, and Nageshwar Jyothirlinga Kshetra near Dwaraka are some of the famous Naga Kshethras. Apart from the above, there are six Subramanya Kshethras in Tamil Nadu viz. Thiruttani, Palani, Tiruchendur, Tirupparakundram, Swami Malai and Pazamudhircholai which are also worshipped as Naga Kshethras.

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Myths and stories involving snakes in India

- A cobra decorates the the beehive of Lord Shiva
- A snake decorates the stomach of Shiva's son Ganapati
- Lord Vishnu uses a snake as a bed
- A large serpent was used to churn the ocean to produce ambrosia (Samudra Mathana)
- Parikshit, a descendant of the Pandava kings was very afraid of the snakes and took great pains to avoid them. However, Takshaka the snake took the from of a worm in a fruit and killed the king. Parikshit's son Janamejaya, then undertook a mass sacrifice of the snakes (Näga-Yajna) and wanted to eliminate all the snakes from the earth. At this juncture, the divine forces intervened and stopped the destruction of the species.
- The Nagas are a tribe living prominently in the State of Nagaland, in Eastern India. They are said be descendants of a Naga prince killed by Parikshit (see above).
- When an evil serpent Kaliya troubled the village cows, Krishna tamed him and danced on his hood.
Hmmm Nageswariyai Namaha.... Hmmm Nageswariyai Namaha.... Hmmm Ngeswariyai Namaha....

- By Vijayakumar Alagappan